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News & Upcoming Events 

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Norman Club Day's:

The Next Norman Day Event Will Be Held On Sunday  

 22nd Sep 2024 from 10:00 - 14:00

at Willesborough Windmill

To be held at the Norman Motorcycles Clubhouse, Willesborough Windmill in Kent

Please visit us at our Clubhouse to see these Norman’s on display!


  • Willesborough Windmill (Ashford) - Collection includes tricycle, childs cycle, seven adult cycles, two Nippy and Lido mopeds.

  • National Motorcycle museum (Coventry) - Before the fire B4 Sports 250cc motorcycle, B2CS trials and Model C autocycle.

  • Stamford Hall (Leicestershire) BTSC display

  • 1953 B2 motorcycle (long damper strut model).

  • Glasgow Museum of transport – Kelvin Hall Glasgow

  • 1938 Norman Autocycle with Villiers Junior de Luxe engine.

Dover Transport museum has a motorcycle shop display, featuring a large display of Norman motorcycles, mopeds and attocycles.

Dover Transport Museum, Willingdon Road, Whitfield, Dover, Kent. CT16 2JX, check opening times for this fantastic museum.   


Tel: 01304 822409 / e-mail:

Our Motto

  • To promote interest in the former Norman Cycles Ltd of Ashford, Kent.

  • Preserve the industrial heritage of one of Ashfords largest employers. 

  • Uniquely to provide a club for former employees of the cycle works. 

  • To hold regular club day’s, the highlight being the annual “Norman day”.

  • Organise Norman runs into the Garden of England.

  • The club will publish a quarterly newsletter.

  • To act as a focal point for enthusiasts interested in the cycles, mopeds and motorcycles produced by Normans.

  • Provide contacts for information and spare parts.

  • To assist researchers.

Event Photos from Sep 2023

  1. The PDF picture is from Fred Normans Office from left Charlie Norman Fred centre and Charlies son Neville right, looking at the 1960 motorcycle brochure.

  2. Piers is looking at the Norman pictures donated by Richard Whisson from late second cousin Betty (Fred Normans widow) Narborough and a separate batch from Lulu, Susan and Brian Norman. 

  3. The footrest rubber is a prototype made by John Barton, Ivan Kelham and Mick Trigg which the club hopes to have made.

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